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Learn to dance like an idiot! And probably dance everywhere!

It is the 20th day of my quarantine life in Hong Kong, noting that I was isolated and indoor most of the time for the past two months. My usual dance practice routine is totally interrupted.

"Why do I dance?"

I have been asking myself this question for a long time. Instead of asking how to dance better and strive for techniques, I always asked why. I NEEDED TO KNOW WHY.

Poinsettia: so what did you do?

Christy: I tried to do research online, understanding human cognitive activities when dancing, understanding dancing in a social context, the benefits to our mental health.. but they do and don't answer my questions at the same time.

Poinsettia: I know you are a troubled little girl. And you know how dance have helped you organised your feelings and thoughts.

Christy: Yes yes. It is therapeutic...Or is it? I don't know. I remembered some cathartic moments.

Poinsettia: I saw you dancing today, you were happy. And you were trying to share this happiness.

Christy: THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS. I don't know how to share my complicated relationship with dance to others.. With all the professional training.. but I want it to be fun.. I want the others to have fun..

Poinsettia: Then maybe you can put some trust to the medium itself, it is destined to have some effects on others. Trust dance. We have to dance like an idiot sometimes, we have to BE idiots sometimes. You know the ancient Greek worships the rational Apollo but also Dionysus- a god that party, stay up late, listen to music and DANCE. And tell me what is Nietzsche's take on dance?

Christy: “I would only believe in a god who could dance”.

Poinsettia: YES! Don't overthink too much. Your body is there to support you. No matter what. Embrace the fact that this body is at its current stage, it could be stronger, it could be lighter, it could be softer than it used to be.. it is how it is. No matter what state it is in, you can always dance with it. YOUR body.

Christy: And it is also okay to not feel like dancing.

Poinsettia: But not because of fear! Don't let fear stop you.

Christy: Haha it's hard to differentiate, but I guess I will try. Thank you me.

Poinsettia: You are welcome :)


We always say dance is for all. It is, however, difficult to put down our fear in embarrassing ourselves. I deeply understand. I go for professional training because I love the art, but also because I want to learn more in a safe zone so I don't embarrass myself as much.

We all dance for many reasons, it's good to see more people taking dance class for fitness reasons. To see the numbers of pole, aerial growing. Yet, when we strip off the trend/ pop culture, do we still dance? Do we still dance for our lives?

I really want to invite you to dance with me, to dance like an idiot.

In times of Covid, in times of hardship, in times of isolation, in times of despair.


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